The MVP life skills are provided through a simple Code of Conduct which is monitored by their teachers, administrators, coaches and parents.  Boys who adhere to the Code are then eligible to attend the MVP Leadership Academy at no cost.

The MVP Leadership Academy is held each spring at Lost Canyon in Williams, Arizona.  While there, boys participate in a number of outdoor recreational and team building activities as well as attend seminars and break out sessions which allow them to learn and share.  MVP’s programming efforts are designed to motivate the boys to develop personal skills which lead to positive decisions and avoid high-risk behavior as  they continue to grow up.

Boys who attend the MVP Leadership Academy are eligible to enroll in the Be A Leader Foundation (link) programs that provide a clear and attainable pathway to college or trade certification.


The MVP Code of Conduct

  • I will be courteous toward my classmates—both girls and boys.​

  • I agree to value and respect the ideas and opinions of others even if I disagree.

  • I will not use drugs, alcohol, or tobacco as I will be a role model to others.

  • I will respect my teachers and exhibit positive, participative behavior in the classroom.

  • I will attend all classes regularly and on time.

  • I will prepare for each class and bring appropriate materials and assignments.

  • I will obey all campus rules.  

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